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Well that sucks

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So last night I took a blood pressure reading because the day before I used the machine at Kroger and i had a reading over 170. Last nights reading was 160/105 and 163/105..... thats not good. I mean last night after that last reading i looked at it like a death sentence. I freaked out, and my over reactive mother did not help matters either, i mean she basically wanted me to run to the doctor the next day. I will go to a doctor but not an immediate care center for this.

This morning i was depressed because i have to give up all of my comfort foods that make me feel good to change my life. But there in lies the problem. I look to food for comfort. When I am down i run to the deep fryer and just want grease down my throat. But if i look at it rationally my whole life i was not really taught healthy eating. Every meal in our house came out of a prepackaged box. Im not blaming my family but if i look at the environmental factors of my childhood it makes perfect sense.

Now where do we go from here. Well a drastic life change has to happen first. I have to give up the vices in my life that have caused this:
1 No more fast food except for subway if i have to eat fast food
2 Only eating on rare occasions
3 Change our home eating habits to mostly veggies (yuck) and lean proteins
4 Get my body healthy again, start to exercise and train my body. By doing so maybe I can refocus my energy
5 find a way to deal with stress in a creative way and not to bottle it anymore

I am however not giving up two things my cigars and my bourbon. I smoke on such a rare occasion that i hope that it does not have as a big impact as someone with a daily habit. Also i drink so rarely that a bottle of whiskey will last me a year. You can have my cheese but not those.

Wow that felt good
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